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SLP (UK) LTD Latest News
Advance Development <UGR 19 Pico-lite 19 Optical Diffusers SLP (UK) Limited have produced a  range of Pico-lite LED films & Diffusers for <UGR19 ratings. These materials have been developed with SLP (UK)’s own pico prism. This brand new prism design will allow users to achieve the UGR 19 glare rating. At 5000 lumens output Pico-Lite performs comfortably to the UGR 19 glare rating whilst providing a high light transmission.
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LED-Lite Opal PET Films
SLP (UK) LTD have now developed a range of films specifically created for the use of LEDs. These unique optical films produce a high light transmission of 82% and 87% whilst masking the LED spot image, LED-lite can be used as a singular diffuser or with an additional diffuser to act as an overlay. LED-lite films are British made, sourced and manufactured in the UK.
U88 Profiles TP(a) Rated
SLP (UK) LTD are excited to announce the new Polycarbonate linear strip U88 profiles. Designed to sit on a double sided LED board, these new profile’s are available in a wide (batwing distribution) and narrow (direct distribution). The U88 is now officially TP(a) Rated.
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SLP (UK) LTD Latest News
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2mm P52-DGP (De-Glaring Prism) PMMA & PET UV TP(a)
SLP (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce our UGR-19 compliant material, 2mm P52-DGP (De-Glaring Prism). This new material is an extruded product (produced in PMMA & PET UV), designed to comply with CIE 117 and also BS EN 12464. This material also is produced in PET UV which has a TP(a) fire rating.